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Future Canucks Program

An integral part of the Canucks' rebuild is the connection to and inclusion of the community. The organization is determined to re-achieve Doug Eastwood’s goal of ‘providing an opportunity to Calgary area kids to play competitive hockey’ in Calgary. The Canucks are proud to introduce our newest community initiative: the ‘Future Canucks Program’.

What is the Future Canucks Program?

The Future Canucks Program is an initiative offered by the Calgary Canucks for free to local minor hockey teams and associations. The initiative focuses on helping develop the players and coaches of Calgary Minor Hockey through on ice and off ice participation by the coaches and players from the Calgary Canucks JR. ‘A’ Hockey Club.
Canucks coaches will be able to provide direct and indirect mentorship to CMH coaches through providing help and guidance in developing and executing practice plans. Canucks coaches will also be able to observe practices and provide professional feedback.
Canucks players will be able to assist in the execution of the practice through demonstrations of drills or to just be there to cheer on and encourage the kids.
This initiative is free of charge to local minor hockey teams of all levels.

By being part of the Future Canucks Program, you will receive:

  1. Each player will receive a personalized membership card granting him or her FREE admission to any Canucks home game, playoffs included.
  2. Each minor hockey team signing up will receive their own Calgary Canucks player, who will attend practices regularly, and assist the coaches with any aspect of the practice.
  3. Each coach will be put in touch with the Calgary Canucks coaching staff to determine a schedule of times a Canucks coach will be attending your practice. In addition, the Canucks coaches will be available to provide ongoing mentorship wherever it is needed or requested.*

*The program includes 3 practices where Canucks coaches will be present. Any additional sessions can be scheduled at the discretion of the coaches. 

Interested? Get started right now!

  1. Contact Head Coach James Poole at and inform him you are interested.
  2. Send James your schedule of the upcoming month** along with a roster of your players to be enrolled.
  3. The Canucks will confirm your enrollment as well as the dates they will be out on ice with your team, along with the contact info of your player and the coaches.

‚Äč**Coach mentoring spots will be booked one month at a time (upcoming month). In case of conflicting dates, preference will be given to the team with less past bookings.

The Calgary Canucks JR ‘A’ Hockey Club is very exciting to be able to launch the Future Canucks Program. The initiative is a great way for your team/association to be part of the ‘new’ Canucks and to profit from our professional experience, FREE of charge!

Sign up now! We look forward to working with you!

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