Calgary Canucks RBC & AJHL Community Ambassador – Zach Bokenfohr

This year the Canucks are pleased to announce that captain Zach Bokenfohr is our RBC Community Ambassador for the 2019-2020 season. At our game on Friday, November 15th a cheque for $1000 was presented to Principal Duncan White of the Citadel Park School on behalf of Zach. Along with volunteering with the Canucks community events, Zach also volunteers his time at Citadel Park School. That is why he selected the school to receive the donation from RBC.

?I chose Citadel Park School because I have a personal connection with one of the teachers that works there. She suggested that I could be involved in their Learning Commons or with their Reading Program, both of which I am interested in,” notes Bokenfohr regarding his choice. “I also think that its fun to work with younger kids because they are so eager to listen and learn.?

A common concern these days is that reading time has been replaced by time spent on new technology like computers or tablets. By volunteering in the schools reading program, Zach hopes to motivate children, especially those minor hockey players in the classroom, to read on a regular basis and boost their reading skills.

Citadel Park School’s learning commons is an area with lego, K?nex, cardboard, tape, and other materials. This area is designed to help increase creative and fine motor skills. Zach enjoys building and playing with the kids in order to expand their imaginations.

Through his volunteer efforts Zach hopes to make a difference in students’ lives by promoting reading and creativity. Stay tuned for more details on Zach’s partnership with the Citadel Park School.

Congrats Zach on becoming our RBC Community Ambassador!