Canucks Acquire Dalton Ossman and Scott McKenzie

The Canucks have acquired two Calgary forwards Dalton Ossman (99) and Scott McKenzie (00).

Dalton is familiar with the Canucks organization as he spent his first two seasons in the AJHL with the team and played over 90 games with the Canucks. Coach Oly had this to say about Dalton, “We are looking at Dalton to produce some offence and show leadership with being a veteran in the league.”

Forward Scott Mckenzie comes out of the Buffaloes organization. “Scott is a speedy, energizing type of player that plays with a lot of passion and will be very good on the penalty kill for us,” says Coach Oly. “Scott will fit right in with the type of hockey the Canucks will be playing.”

The Calgary Canucks would like to welcome Dalton and Scott and their families to our family.

Welcome to the Canucks Dalton and Scott!