Canucks Add Josh Betinol

The Canucks completed a series of transactions on Saturday which led to the team acquiring 94 forward Josh Betinol. The Canucks traded Logan Franz & the rights to Landon Welykholowa (Currently in Saskatoon in the WHL) for forward Anthony Orubor and a player to be named later. The Canucks then sent Orubor to the Calgary Mustangs in exchange for Betinol. Canucks GM Chad Shiel had this to say regarding the moves. “Betinol is a player we have be after for a while now. He is a very dynamic, highly skilled offensive forward with exceptional speed. We think he can really ad some much needed offense to our line up. It was really tough to have to move Franz, he was a big part of this team and we certainly wish him much success in the future. The Canucks are back in action on Monday when they will face thier cross-town rivals the Calgary Mustangs. Game starts at 7:30 at Father David Bauer Arena.