On Saturday Oct 5, the Calgary Canucks hosted the Blackfoot 1 Novice Chiefs as part of their Minor Hockey initiative. After the game the players were invited to the Canucks dressing room to meet the players and obtain autographs. The Canucks players were excited to have the Chiefs as part of their game day activities.

On behalf of the Blackfoot Novice 1 Chiefs, I would just like to say thanks again for providing such a great experience for our players. As coaches, we have done similar outings in the past, but we all agreed that this was by far the best. Your players showed a lot of class in their interaction with the kids and it was greatly appreciated. It will definitely be a great hockey memory for our kids.

Rob Jamieson


My name is Melissa and I am the Manager for the Blackfoot Novice 1 Chiefs.

I am sending an e-mail in regards to the Canucks Minor Hockey Initiative.

We are hoping to have our team come watch a Canucks game….we feel it

would be an excellent outing for the team!  Here is the information



Team Name: Chiefs

Age Group/Division/Category: Novice Division 1

Association Represented: Blackfoot

Team Successes, record etc: N/A

Coaches Names: Head Coach: Rob Jamieson Asst Coaches: Jason Davis, Rod

Matheson and Micheal Simonson

Players Names: Alex Aldridge, Noah Davis, Rocky Ford, Matthew Frei,

Michael Gibbons, Eric Jamieson, Josh Karman, Dryden Lamb, Hudson Matheson,

Riley McLean, Taylor Miles, Hunter O'Neal, Kale Simonson, Jackson Unger,

Luke Wiggins, and Carson Wright.

Contact Person : Melissa O'Neal..mfritz7@…403-808-5295

Home Game Planning On Attending: We are hoping to attend next Sat Oct 5@ 7

pm. Thought it would be a great way to start off the season and the team

getting to know each other.