Canucks In The Community – Special Olympics Calgary Scorpions

The Calgary Canucks spent some time at the Special Olympics Calgary Scorpions practice on Wednesday, November 22, 2017. The Canucks helped out the Scorpions with some practice drills before some intense scrimmages. Things started off with mixed teams of Scorpions and Canucks followed by a Canucks Vs. Canucks battle. In the final faceoff of the evening the Scorpions showed off their floor hockey skills and took on the Canucks. Canucks dressing room assistant, Curtis Watling, was in net for the Scorpions and made some impressive saves. The Canucks would like to thank Special Olympics Calgary and the Scorpions for allowing us to join their floor hockey practice.

To view photos from the Canucks visit to the SOC Scorpions practice click here.

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