Canucks Shovel Snow at Adopt-A-Rink in the City’s North East

The Calgary Canucks were in the community on Tuesday afternoon, February 7th at an outdoor Adopt-A-Rink skating pond, located on Mackid Crescent NE in Mayland Heights.  The entire Canucks team came to the outdoor skating surface after the team's practice, to help clear off the rink for the kids and families in the area. 

There was a significant amount of snow that had fallen in Calgary over the past several days, and the boys were willing to do their part to give the community a hand. In due time the players had the pathway leading to the outdoor skating pond clear, and shovelled the heavy snow to the side to give the residents a place to skate!

The outdoor skating surface is a part of the Adopt-A-Rink program. A program run by the City of Calgary, Adopt-A-Rink is a winter volunteer initiative through which dedicated volunteers help flood and maintain existing community skating rinks throughout Calgary. 

The Calgary Canucks take great pride in the community work they do in this beautiful city of Calgary.  The work that the players do in the community are a mirror reflection of their values of the  hard work and dedication that they display on the ice.  For more information on the Calgary Canucks and their passion for the community, please click on .