First Point for the Canucks as they battle a tight game against the Grizzlys!

After a tough loss this weekend, The Canucks came out strong with Irvin scoring the first of the night with six minutes left in the first.  The Grizzly’s weren’t slow to answer after tiring Drackett down to tie it at 1-1.  The Canucks finished the period with a whistle that would have them on the penalty kill to start the second.

The second period brought more action from the Grizzly’s, but not before getting a penalty two minutes in.  The Grizzly’s kept the pressure and momentum in the Canucks zone for the better part of the period even though the shots favored The Canucks.  Six minutes in, Wyatt Noskey scores to take the lead for the Grizzly’s.  The Canucks get a roughing penalty and the Grizzly’s return with a slashing penalty seven minutes into the period.  Twelve minutes in, the Grizzly’s scores making it a 3-1 lead.  Canucks take a slashing penalty that lead to The Grizzly’s fourth goal of the night.  With 6:30 left, Drackett’s pulled and McIntosh steps in.  The Canucks started to get a little sloppy taking two penalties late in the second, but McNeil snipes a shorthanded goal on a breakaway with seconds left on the clock ending the second period 4-2 Grizzly’s.

The Canucks got the momentum they needed from McNeil’s goal and came out strong with Benko scoring 22 seconds into the third.  The Grizzly’s and Canuck’s exchange some penalties, and the Grizzly’s take full advantage of the powerplay scoring almost six minutes in to make it 5-3.  McNeil returns the favour after the Grizzly’s take a tripping penalty and gets his second of the night.  After some scrums in front of the net, McNeil and Smith are sent to the box  seconds apart.  Ehret manages to drive it to the net to tie the game 5-5.  With only two minutes left in the third, The Grizzly’s take a penalty, but the Canucks won’t prevail.

After a couple minutes of 3on3 overtime, and some monumental saves by Jackson McIntosh and Kurtis Chapman, The Grizzly’s score to end up with a 6-5 victory in a very tight and exciting game. The Canucks get their first point of the regular season and they are looking forward to keep the momentum from the last period of this hockey game going as they go on the road to take on the Spruce Grove Saints on Friday, September 18, and the Drayton Valley Thunder on Saturday, September 19. Both of these games can be caught on Fast Hockey.