Ken Bracko named Sportsman of the Year in Calgary

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For Immediate Release
Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Calgary Canucks President Ken Bracko was recognized as the 2014 Sportsman of the Year by the Calgary Booster Club on Wednesday with an award presentation to take place in April.  The team is proud that his hard work over the course of 50 years has been recognized and feels that he is very deserving of this great honour.

“I have devoted my lifelong spare time, to helping our youth have equal opportunities, and believe that every youth’s dream of their future should be available to them for their earning,” he said after the announcement on February 19th.

“In order for myself to achieve such a prestigious award I have been fortunate to have an outstanding and dedicated supporting cast, who have devoted as much time and in many cases more time,” he continued before listing a number of people including his wife Evelyn, sons Carey and Barry and daughter Lori as well as many dedicated volunteers including Calgary Booster Club President and Former Canuck Coach Don Phelps to whom he says:  “You have no idea what your guidance, direction and help you have given to the youth meant to my family, I know the Calgary Booster Club is in great hands.”

He also mentions: “Ryan Barrett Canuck Alumni, Coach of the Calgary Canucks, Hon Dave Carter Former Speaker of the Alberta Government, Bob Clarke exceptional Canuck Director, Melody Davidson Canuck Coach, Doug Fraser past president of Calgary Buffalo Hockey Association, Eric Francis Sports Announcer, and Tireless Canuck Workers, Lil & Gary Greggain, Lionel Hamilton, John Hazelton, Brian McDougall, Darryl Moldenhauer Major Canuck Fundraiser, Judy Pennoyer Major Canuck Fundraiser, and Tony Sharples.

My belated thanks goes to the late Bob Bracko and Stan Roszell business partners and advisors, Doug Eastcott and Tom Walls as Canuck Founders. Jim Kerr, Ed Melville, Glen Patrick as a advisors, all were exceptional role models.”

His passion for helping youth reach their goals continues.  He suggests elected officials take a look at “the City of Calgary which is lacking in sport facilities that our youth deserve enabling them to develop equally with the youth in other Alberta locales.”

The Calgary Canucks have two remaining home games on February 24th and 26th at Max Bell and will be celebrating Ken Bracko on those occasions.

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