Know Your Nucks – #5 Connor Bertamini

Name: Connor Bertamini  

Nickname: Bert  

Favourite NHL Team: Chicago Blackhawks  

Favourite Player: Duncan Keith  

Favourite Subject in School: Chemistry  

Celebrity Crush: Jennifer Aniston  

Least Favourite Food: Cauliflower  

Favourite Vacation/Holiday Spot: Disney World  

Favourite Sport (besides hockey): Baseball  

Go To Pre-Game Meal: Pasta  


Describe your game in three words:  

Calm, responsible, leadership  


Do you have any pre-game superstitions or rituals?  

Hug Moorsey before warmup and each period  


What are your hockey/education goals?  

Play collegiate hockey NCAA/Canadian  


What accomplishments are you most proud of?  

Making the Canucks in my 17-year-old year  


Who is/are the most influential person/people in your life?  

My parents, they taught me everything I know.  


If you only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what song would you choose?  

What you see is what you get – Luke Combs  



Who is the teammates that (is)”¦  


Most likely to win a rap battle? Dylan Clark  

Most likely to become famous overnight? Riley Hearn  

Most likely to win a spelling bee? Braeden Donnelly  

Most likely to pull pranks? Aidan Moore  

Takes the most selfies? Justin Barker  

Knows the most about you? Aidan Moore  


You’ve been tasked with creating the next great boy band, which teammates make the band?  


Band name: Organized Chaos  

The Leader: Matthew Brunton  

The Boy Next Door: Ivan Kedrov  

The Bad Boy/Rebel: Dylan Clark  

The Goofball: Quintin Unreiner  

The Heartthrob: Justin Barker