Playoffs Game 3 Recap

The Canucks and Oilers both started off strong as each battled for the first goal of the game. The Oilers took the lead with a power play goal by #27 Trey Degraaf assisted by #18 Carter Huber and #19 Colin O’Neil.  The Canucks followed up with a goal by #11 Mitchell Scott assisted by #25 Michael Spenrath. The period finished off with penalties and some rough housing. The Oilers finished the 1st with 9 shots on goal and the Canucks with 8 shots on goal. The game was tied up heading into the second.

The 2nd period started with many penalties and fighting, resulting in five penalties for the Oilers and two penalties for the Canucks. After numerous penalties, the Oilers came out with a goal at 15:47 scored by #18 Carter Huber assisted by #19 Colin O’Neil and #2 Travis Verveda, ending what was a tied game. At the end of the second shots on goal for that period were 5 for the Oilers and 10 for the Canucks.

Early into the 3rd the Oilers increased their lead at 6:29 with a goal by #16 Braeden Nesbitt and #21 Jordie Lawson, making the game 3-1.  Shortly after Canucks #8 Ryan McKinnon went into the box for tripping at 6:54 giving the Oilers a power play. The Oilers finish off the game scoring a power play goal at 8:09, by #14 Matt McNair, assisted by #26 Connor Chambers and #6 Carson Beers. Canucks end the game with 27 shots on net and the Oilers with 20 and the Okotok Oilers take the game 4-1.

With their game 3 win the Okotoks Oilers move onto the second round of playoffs. Stars of the game were Canucks #11 Mitchell Scott and Oilers #18 Carter Huber.