Tough loss in a hard fought game against the Mustangs!

The second battle of Calgary between the Canucks and the Mustangs started off with a bang. After 14 seconds into the first, the Mustangs #25 Ryan Stoynich was handed a 2 minute penalty for boarding. The Canucks took advantage of the powerplay as Michael Clarke opened the score and put the Canucks in front at 1:48 in the first. The first period saw the Canucks pushing for another goal through two more powerplays, however, they could not cash in. After an intense first period, the Canucks left the ice with a 1:0 lead.

The second began much like the first ended. The Canucks were pressure on the Mustangs and looking to expend the 1:0 lead. Against the course of the game, the Mustangs caught a break and #17 Davis Sheldon tied the game at 1:1 at 3:46 in the second. This did not slow the Canucks down, as they went straight back to putting pressure towards the Mustangs net and looking to take the lead again. It was the Cauncks' #12 Adrew Marshall who found a lose puck in the offensive zone and sniped it past the Mustangs keeper to make it 2:1 for the Canucks at 6:01 in the second. Following the goal, the Canucks had more of the game, but were unable to produce good chances to expand on the lead. At 14:56 in the third, the Mustangs #9 Dondre Watson tied the game at 2:2, which was the score at the end of the second period.

The Canucks got stunned to the beginning of the third with the Mustangs #25 Ryan Stoynich opening the score at only 13 seconds in the third period to make it 3:2 Mustangs. The Canucks found themselves chasing a one goal deficit for the first time in this game. The team reacted strong and started pushing for the equalizer and they were almost rewarded. At 6:55 in the third, the referees waved off a Canucks goal due to a high stick. The Canucks are now throwing everything up front, outplaying the Mustangs and creating some good chances. The Mustangs were not getting many offensive chances. However, they few they had were good chances and all of them were denied by the Canucks goaltender Logan Drakett. The Canucks' effort to pull the game into overtime remained unrewarded as they lose a very tight battle of Calgary with a final score of 3:2.

Please click here to read the full Boxscore of tonight's game.

The Calgary Canucks are back in action on Saturday, September 26, at 7:00 PM playing the Olds Grizzlys in Olds. The next home game is on Sunday, September 27, at 7:00 PM vs. Camrose Kodiaks at Max Bell Arena.