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Dear all Calgary Canucks Alumni,

Happy New Year! On behalf of the board of Directors of the Calgary Canucks Junior “A” hockey team we hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season! We are writing to our Alumni in an effort to inform you about our upcoming events in 2013.

From a high level perspective, we continue to be dedicated to providing a competitive environment for Calgary hockey players to play in their hometown while pursuing their academic goals.  Our organization is a small group of volunteers without a single paid employee.  In the past 3 years, we have done a lot of work trying to contain our operating expenses, and while we continue to organize bingos, casinos, and fundraisers to raise money we now require some direct assistance from our Alumni group to help us continue to move forward. 

All cash donations are welcome and would be greatly appreciated.  As well there are many sponsorship opportunities (Rink Boards, Jersey sponsorships, player program, etc…) that exist to help our organization. 

Alternatively, we have listed 3 of our upcoming events that we hope you are able to support:

Sat February 2nd, 2013 vs. Mustangs –Evan Bayko Night
Last year we raised over $10,000.00 for the Epilepsy Association of Calgary and Sodep Aware on behalf of former Player Evan Bayko who passed away suddenly a few years ago.  Last year, Max Bell was full and there were many nice draw prizes throughout the evening.

Sat February 23rd vs. Okotoks– Wall of Fame/Alumni/Chuckwagon night
An opportunity for all alumni to attend a game and enjoy the company of some old friends/teammates while cheering the chuckwagon teams in between periods.

Sat April 27th, 2013 – Calgary Annual Banquet/Fund Raiser
Our annual year end banquet held at the Red & White Club in McMahon Stadium.  The event honors the team’s accomplishments during the season and features guest speakers and is our flagship event to raise funds for the team.

Your support is vital to our success moving forward, and we thank you in advance.


Joel Bond

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