Canucks In The Community – All Sport One Day

The Calgary Canucks were in the community on Saturday morning, June 17th.  Dylan Williamson, Josh Giacomin, and Braydon Jenkins of the Canucks were proud to attend the special 'All Sport One Day' initiative at the Genesis Centre.

The event is organized by Sport Calgary, and is a free day of sport discovery for children between the ages of 6 to 12. Over 60 different sport activities were held throughout the day, in 14 separate facilities in all four quadrants of Calgary.  All Sport One Day encourages multi-sport participation, which is one of the keys to physical literacy and an active lifestyle.  It is an amazing opportunity for kids from all over the city to be exposed to sports that they haven't had the opportunity to try before. Participation in the event is a perfect way to stay active and maybe even discover a new passion!

The Canucks players were very proud to contribute to the event, by helping teach the kids basic hockey skills including how to stick handle, how to pass, how to shoot, and most importantly how to have fun!  Lastly the Canucks players were happy to stick around and sign autographs for the young girls and boys once their session had concluded.

The Calgary Canucks hockey club is very committed to community endeavours throughout the calendar year.  Even when the hockey season is complete, the boys enjoy dedicating volunteer time out in the community, and helping with various important causes and endeavours.

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