Special Volunteer Presentation for John Hazelton

The Canucks had a special presentation at the game this past Sunday vs. the Lloydminster Bobcats. John Hazelton was a volunteer with the Calgary Canucks for over 25 years and is famous around the rink for his 50/50 slogan “Buy now, Get lucky later”. He was always very active within the organization selling season tickets, advertising for the team, selling tickets and tables for the year-end banquet, or any other fundraising the Canucks were doing. He loved the people and the kids and was always there with a joke or a math question.

Abe Peters, a current Canucks volunteer and 50/50 seller, accepted a plaque on behalf of John presented by former Canucks head coach Don Phelps (seen in the photo). The Canucks would like to thank John for his support and for his many years of service to the Canucks. There will always be a chair for you up front.