Canucks Help ‘Stick It To Cancer’!

The Calgary Canucks were in the community on Monday afternoon, March 6th at St. Helena School in North West Calgary. A collection of Canucks players participated in a floor hockey game in support of the school's annual 'Stick It To Cancer' fundraiser.

The fundraiser was held at the school to support the charitable group, Kids Cancer Care. This was the third annual major fundraiser which the school has organized in support of the memory of a student from the school named Alec Remenda.  Alec tragically passed away from cancer on July 26, 2016.  The school had a touching ceremony prior to the start of the floor hockey game, where a banner was raised in memory of Alec.  Alec was a huge hockey fan, and the school also created a championship trophy to commemorate his love of the game. 

The 'Stick It To Cancer' day at St. Helena school featured the floor hockey game between the Calgary Canucks players and a collection of the school's students, who were the winners of the floor hockey tournament.  Kids paid a nominal fee to enter the floor hockey tournament which took place throughout the past couple of months. The fees collected from the floor hockey tournament, as well as fundraising generated through other initiatives such as their Valentines Day – Kindness Grams initiative, their 'Stick a Teacher To The Wall' initiative, and their big 'Shave-A-Thon' initiative, all went towards Kids Cancer Care.

Kids Cancer Care strives to ease the pain and suffering of children who are diagnosed with a form of cancer.  They work with these children and their families each and every day by providing funding and programming in three key areas: (1) Research and Hospital; (2) Education Support and Scholarships; (3) Camp and Outreach Programs.  For more information on Kids Cancer Care, please click on their official website:

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