Canucks Honouring Ken Bracko with Arena Renaming During Season Opener

The Calgary Canucks will be hosting an arena renaming ceremony prior to our 2017-18 season opener on September 17, 2017 against the Olds Grizzlys. Recently, the City of Calgary council approved the renaming of Max Bell Arena 1 in Max Bell Centre to the Ken Bracko Arena. 

Ken Bracko spent over forty years with the Forest Heights Community Association, the Calgary Northeast Athletic Association and the Calgary Canucks. Ken Bracko was the president of the Calgary Canucks for over 20 years and worked tirelessly to ensure the success of our organization. Ken was the epitome of a volunteer and dedicated decades of his life to ensuring that Calgary hockey players had the opportunity to play the top level of Junior “A” hockey in Calgary.

To honour Ken and the renaming of the arena, the Canucks would like to invite everyone who loves the sport of hockey to our season opener. The festivities start off with a Tailgate party sand public skate in the Ken Bracko Arena starting at 12:00 pm, followed by our pre-game ceremony at 2:20 pm.  Official puck drop will follow the introduction of the 2017-2018 Canucks. In the words of Mr. Bracko himself, “Your support of our Calgary Boys is vital to the continuation of Junior “A” hockey in Calgary,” So, come on out and support our boys, as that is what Ken Bracko devoted his life to do.


Tailgate – 12:00 pm

Public Skate – 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm (Free Entry for Participants)

Renaming Ceremony – 2:20 pm

Calgary Canucks Vs. Grizzlys – 2:30 pm

Location – Ken Bracko Arena in Max Bell Centre